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It's finished. I just need to decide on the photos. And the tagline.

OK so I have finally put the book together. Spell checked and everything (thanks Sam Robson).

I have been lucky to have some great friends who have helped with the editing and checking of it. Sam mentioned above returned my 113,302 word document with only 1812 changes. That's only one balls up every 65 words. Not a bad effort :)

I'd like to thank Simon Freeman of Freestak for reading it and giving me some great feedback.

Mimi Anderson (who really should have written her own book by now) has read it too and gave me some encouragement.

James Elson of Centurion Running (and my partner in crime for the piece of string race) also took the time to give me his thoughts.

Robin Harvie thanks to you too for some great advice on writing and publishing.

I have created a facebook page to promote the book and also to get some ideas as to what photos to include and also I need a "tagline". Something like "The most awesomenessest ultra runner to ever come from Leicester".

Maybe not.

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