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Hello there and welcome to my website. You may have been here before, reading about my running adventures and general rants or you might be completely new to this place in which case a special welcome to you.

I have a book. It is a rather detailed description of the journey I went on from becoming a fairly regular occasional marathon runner to running across the USA. You can buy it from Amazon on kindle by clicking on the link to the left.

Ther WILL be a print version following.

Here are some of the reviews;

Hillarious and utterly inspiring - James Adams has a rare gift. In fact he has three. He is a brilliant writer, a comedic genius and is able to push his mind and body as far as anyone I know. The thought of getting up day after day to run 45 miles in utter agony, through chronic fatigue and sickness doesn't even bear thinking about. His examination of self on that journey is utterly inspiring together with his tales from other incredible feats of endurance. Of all the books on ultra running published in recent years, this has to be the best all rounder.

James Elson of Centurion Running

An ordinary guy with an extraordinay story - Running and Stuff is the story of one man's 3,200 mile run across the USA. Most ordinary people would consider this to be impossible, but James is no ordinary guy... Actually, he kind of is. And that's the point. I have followed James' exploits through his blog over the past few years, and always thoroughly enjoy his hilarious warts and all take on the whacky world of ultra running. Throughout this book you will laugh, you'll cry (and you might even gag a little bit), as James takes you with him on his journey from 'ordinary guy who never dreamt that he could run across a continent' to 'ordinary guy who did'. If you like running, comedy, and graphic portrayals of bodily functions, then this is the book for you!

Sam Robson - UK Ultra running and blogging supremo

Implausible and utterly compelling - I love James' book - it is absolutely enthralling and a honest account of what it takes to do extraordinary things (in James' case in running ultra distances - but the principles of self belief, determination, humbleness and positivity are applicable to so many areas of life). James recently read an excerpt from his book at the launch of Like the Wind magazine and the room full of hardened, experienced and most probably cynical runners were left speechless and open-mouthed in admiration. This is a really great book - well written, moving, funny and inspiring. Buy it because you won't be disappointed.

Simon Freeman - Owner of Freestak

If you've come this far - I can not recommend this book highly enough. If you want the complete warts and all, or rather blood and blisters, story of what long distance (and I mean really long distance) running is about, then this is the book for you. Part of it's appeal is that while James has done some pretty spectacular stuff, he's no Mo Farah. And the point that he is making - or at least I think he is making - is that whoever you are, and whatever your ability if you have a pair of trainers and are curious to know what happens to your mind and body at the very edge of physical exertion, then you can see what he has seen. That said, he's done it all for you, so if you just want to kick back and have a cup of tea then you can experience it all from the safety of your sofa.

Robin Harvie - Author of Why We Run

Inspirational - I've been following James' running blog for years and I never cease to be amazed by his true grit and determination to get the job done. He achieves what he sets out to do and gives it his all.
This book has everything for the runner and non-runner alike. James' wit and honesty shine through in this book. You'll feel his pain, his joy, his battle with body and mind. You'll also feel how humble this man is and how he doesn't need material goods or fame to feel complete.
If you are looking to complete anything in life that you want to put your mind to, then this book will motivate you to overcome your objections and reach your goal.
Read it, be inspired and make it happen.

Guy Frankland - Will definitely run a marathon one day :)

Those people who follow James’s blog will be familiar with his open, honest and humorous style of writing. Nothing is glossed over as he recounts the physical pain and emotional turmoil he experiences during some of those low moments but along with recounting those occasional moments of satisfaction.

Once that is done, he reflects on his thoughts and then expresses himself through his blog and now his book. His race reports, stories and anecdotes were easy to relate to, witty, highly entertaining and I found myself leaping from chapter to chapter in a rush to finish the book.

Anyone who has an interest in long distance running or anyone who wants to hear a true to life account of an ordinary guys experiences undertaking some amazing challenges should pick up this book, it’s a fabulously entertaining read.

Paul Ali - British Ultra Running Machine and owner of Ultra Tales.


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