Being a super elite running athlete it sure can be hard to live a normal life. Stepping out to the shops to buy a paper, trying to watch the Hobbit at the cinema or just heading into a coffee shop to get a skinny latte there is always some idiot yelling "MO! MO! MOOOOOOOOOOOO! - DO THE MOBOT!"

Thankfully these people soon realise their mistake and apologise.

Though I am not quite as fast as Usain Bolt or Mo Farah I have featured in the press a few times and

Sorry I forgot that these pages are supposed to be written in the third person. Here goes..

Tall, dark, handsome ultra runner, GSOH seeks excitable and open minded audiences for fun times. Must be adventurous, inquisitive, creative and passionate. Preferably blonde.

Must love cosy nights in listening to tales of blisters and bowels, fine dining, muddy countryside walks and reading books. Running books. Ultra running books. His ultra running book. Coming soon.

So why would you want to hear from James?

Well James really likes talking and apparently people really like listening to him banging on about all the running that he has done. You will leave thinking "well if that fat idiot can run across America then I surely can". 

Here is an example of James in action. Hilarious. Though he does not say "Um" so much anymore.

James most recently featured in the Economist magazine and website, speaking about his favourite race- the Sparathlon. He never shuts up about it.

He also came up with the idea for the now infamous "Piece of String Fun Run" - a race that is not fun at all and featured in a recent article in Men's Running magazine and also Trail Running Magazine.

James also whilst running across America James featured in the Telegraph Travel section online and also in the print edition in October 2011. You can read all the articles from the Star Spangled Runner here. How did he have time to do all that writing, eat all those big-macs AND run 45 miles a day? Well you can read about it there.


When not running long distances, writing about running long distances, talking about running long distances and writing about talking about running long distances James also likes to create stupid videos like these.

And this