I can't believe how many people out there are banging on about running... It's disgraceful. It was all MY idea. Probably. Anyhoo, since there are a million more things to do than we can ever fit in a lifetime (or more likely a normal salary and holiday entitlement) it's great to live vicariously through others by reading their reports on their adventures. It's almost as good as doing it yourself. Well, no not really, but it sure beats pissing around on facebook, which of course I never ever do.

Firstly I would like to call out three things.

Ultra Tales has been going for about 2 years now and is an amazing free online magazine full of race reports from mostly British based runners. If you have any reports you would like to include then contact them.

Secondly there is the ultrarunnerpodcast. The podcasts are great, giving an hour interview about someone quite interesting. In addition to this the URP gives you a daily dose of all that is goo in the ultra marathon world, whether it's cool blog posts, media stories, new events, research publications. Sign up to the daily emails and the facebook group.


Ultrarunning Magazine has been providing great stuff for ultra runners since 1981 and is now available in the UK via ULTRAmarathonRunningStore.


So in Alphabetical order - because that is the true measure of awesomeness...

James Adams - This man is a machine, he eats ultramarathon runners for breakfast. 

Imagine running all this stuff dressed as Batman and Robin? And in really good times too. Well that's what Paul Ali does, just to make the rest of us feel bad. As well as his blog he is the cheif of one of the bestest things in British ultra running ever, the amazing ULTRA TALES magazine. 

If Mimi Anderson was as fast at running as she is at blogging then I probably wouldn't be putting her on this list because that's way too slow. However, she is a fantastic runner; fastest woman ever to run the JOGLE, she's run in the arctic, the deserts, Greek roads and was the first person ever to run the GUCR double this year will be running in the Jungle. She has big plans this year.

One of my new favourites is the Angry Jogger. He is pretty angry but also hilarious and he writes really good posts that you can print out and twat people around the face with. He is writing a book about his running which I am sure will be brilliant.

Possibly partly my fault but Justin Bateman has recently become an ultra runner. I've seen him go from regular marathon to "how about I do a trail marathon"? And then a trail 50k, then a 45 miler. Soon an 85 miler. It's only a matter of time before it ends up in a hospital in New Mexico. 

Lisa Bliss has done some hardcore stuff in her time. Badwater solo, Spartathlon and has been the medical director at Badwater for many years.

Jen Bradley's blog "running and baking" will be a disappointment if you like reading about baking. She ran across America, then she ran across France, now she runs mostly shorter races but still fails to find time to blog about baking.

If Robbie Britton were a member of a world dominating boy band, he'd be... erm Robbie probably. Cheeky chappie, a hit with the fans, a little bit metrosexual. He also runs pretty darn fast and has set a few records on his way.

Neil Bryant is a bit of an adventurer, would think nothing of going for a 100 mile run on his own. Why would you do that without a medal at the end? He has completed some great ultras over the past few years, was the first finisher of the JOGLE ultra, the Trans Europe and just as I write this has finished the Spine.

Lindley Chambers likes to run a lot and also organises some craking races. He is going to finish the Spartathlon this year.

Mark Cockbain was the bastard who made me run across America. He does not run much anymore but has enough stuff on his blog to last many lifetimes. Badwater, Double Badwater, Spartathlons, JOGLE (John O Groats to Lands End), UTMB, The High. It's all here. He is now organising really tough ultras in the UK.

Not many runners fall into the canal and then go on to finish the Grand Union Canal Run, let alone win it, and smash the course record, and become the first woman to win it outright. But that's exactly what Debbie Martin Consani did this year and her blog is really really good. She's been threatening to do Ironman at some point so please go and tell her to not be so silly :)

Ever fancied running from Lands End to John O Groats (called LeJog as it sounds a bit French). Rich Cranswick will be doing this this year. He is a member of the "Idiots" running club. He was invited especially. 

Andy Dubois has done some great stuff in his time. UTMB and winning the Hardmoors a couple of years back. He is also a personal trainer and writes loads of great articles on nutrition, hill running and all sorts. Have a look there are loads of great articles there.

Kris Duffy is probably the most prolific photographer in a race. He runs a lot of Alpine stuff and UK coastal races so if you want to see a slide show of these events and pretend that you ran them yourself then go for it.

James Elson has become quite the race director over the past year. He also does a bit of running too.

I ran my first ultra the same time as Simon Freeman did. Since then we did very different things, he has become a very fast runner, very successful blogger and runs a running business Freestak and I am here banging on about how hungry I am. Funny how life goes.

Mark Hines has run a few arctic things, he has the frosty beard to prove it. He has an excellent website and has written quite a few books that are well worth a look. Get in quick before his fingers freeze off.

Tim Lambert is committed to nailing the 100 miler and you can read about his adventures here.

Paul Navesey is pretty fast too and he occasionally writes about it on one of these web log things.

Rob Pinnington writes some very interesting and honest blogs about his ultra marathon running which are always a joy to read. He should do a podcast. 

John Price ran across the USA last year, pushing a baby jogger. This year he is running JOGLE unsupported. He takes great photos of all his runs. He is also the guy who got me into the Barkley mess. A mess I may never get out of.

I first knew about Sam Robson as being that guy who ran the London Marathon and then ran home to Ipswich or something. Most normal people just go to the pub, then get the tube home. He has a hell of a lot on this year, if he can stay on his bike.

Russell Secker is a great guy, I met him in his home state of Oklahoma and he got my subway order perfect, despite having never met me. He has run across Europe and still does lots of similar races. He also has a great book about his travels.

Ian Sharman. THE Ian Sharman. I beat him once in a 50 miler. Those were the days when we used to plot all of our races around Europe. Then he moved to America and got ridiculously fast (running 100 miles in 12.43) and world famous. But if you remember one thing it should be that I once beat him in a 50 miler.

Charlie Sharpe has exploded onto the ultra running scene in the past year and writes about his (very fast) adventures here. Certainly one to look out for in the future.

I have only recently met Eddie Sutton. I would have liked to have run with her for a bit but she runs stupidly fast, smashing course records along the way. 

Dave Urwin kind of exploded onto the ultra running scene around this time last year. He looks just like Anton, does not quite run as fast but he does have a book coming out soon which I am sure will be hilarious. I can't find his blog though?

Mark Woolley is a great writer and runner has done numerous events such as the Spartathlon (3 times), Badwater (twice) and lots of others. He posts articles with great advice on how to get through ultra marathons.