About me - Blah blah blah.

“He should run like a Penguin, yet he runs like a Kenyan…”

If you live in the UK and do running then you have probably heard of James Adams. Twice voted “athlete I’d most like to sleep with” by the readers of a magazine that only Kylie Minogue reads he is an unstoppable force in British endurance running.

He was the first person ever to take on the “Super Awesome Treble” of running the Leicester Marathon, Rotherham 50 and Richmond half IN THE SAME YEAR!!!  He then went on to complete the Hastings Marathon, a gruelling race he completed despite snapping a shoelace at half way.

He hold numerous records such as being the fastest person to ever run from his house in Ealing to his work near Tottenham Court road, a record that no one has dared to challenge and “furthest distance run with a suspected broken compass”.

 He intimidates runners so much on the start line that they all run away really fast as soon as the start horn/whistle/shout goes. One spectator recently said “I thought he was too fat to run across the States, but then when I saw that he lost the weight I thought WOW he is a GENIUS”.

James Adams revels crowds with tales of his awesome adventures, breaking yet more records for saying “UM”. He is also a snazzy dresser.


Nah just kidding. He’s just a fat chump who likes running a long way really slowly.

Anyway, James Adams started running about 8 years ago and..

Hang on, why am I still writing in the third person?

Let’s start again.


Hello my name is James and I like running a long way really slowly.


It all started when I found out about a race called Badwater. This was in 2006 sometime when I was training for a marathon. I only had a vague awareness of people running longer distances than "The Marathon" and thought this was silly, but when I found out about a race of 135 miles, uphill and through the hottest place on Earth in the summer my running goals changed. If someone else can do such a thing then so can I.

I ran my first ultra soon after, in Jan 2007. The 45 miles from Tring to Town and loved it. At the time this was all part of a "plan" to do Badwater within 5 years but along the way my priorities changed again. The more and more ultras I did the more I came to realise that long distance running is more of a lifestyle than a set of targets. In May 2008 I completed the Grand Union Canal Run which was possibly the race of my life, I stepped up from 50 odd miles to 145 without much fuss at all. I then realised that I really could do this kind of thing. At the end of my first Spartathlon. I am in real pain there :(

I have completed some others too. The 300k "Run the Moose" 6 day ultra through some spectacular but brutally rocky terrain in Canada, The Marathon Des Sables (Obviously), The GUCR again, the Spartathlon in 2009 and 2010  and in summer last year I flew out to the desert and put Badwater to bed. I was amazing to finish something I had started 4 years before but it by no means meant the end of anything.

I then signed up to the Los Angeles to New York Race this summer. 3220 miles in 70 days (thats 45 a day average). That went quite well as you can read from here. (If you have a few days spare)

I now enjoy just being part of an ever growing ultra running scene in the UK. Weekends become a social day where you can meet up with friends and enjoy miles and miles of the great outdoors. Every week there are more people running ultras for the first time, more races being planned and more people entering. It is a priveledge to be part of that. I like to run in more exotic locations too but despite not having big mountains, harsh deserts, huge jungles or arctic tundra the UK does have some spectacular and history rich coastline, mountains, national trails and forests to run in. I am also partial to a bit of canal.

Anyhoo, hope you like the blog. Please send me a message if you have any comments or want any advice on any of this stuff (I am quite the nutrition expert). I am also getting into talking so if you'd like to hear my story then drop me a line.

Oh and I am writing a book. Please continue ot Badger me to write it faster and then please buy it when it's out :)